Why SES ?

The SES solution: technologies designed by retail specialists

From the outset, Store Electronic Systems has had strong ties with the retail sector. Its inside knowledge of the retail environment and of the practical problems faced by stores - in terms of making their customers happy and optimizing their operating procedures - sets it apart from its competitors.

This explains why SES delivers a comprehensive solution (electronic labels, mounting systems, transmission, software and interfaces, training and support), which is designed right down to the very last detail for your business and provides practical solutions to the operational problems you encounter both in your stores and your trading groups. 


The advantages of Store Electronic Systems solution:
SES Solution
  • High-resolution displays (120 dpi) for perfect readability even from an angle
  • Displays are 10 to 30% bigger than those of competitors
  • Dynamic display technology for maximum commercial impact in the store
  • Ultra-low power: Guaranteed service life of at least 5 years

Product exclusivity The only multi-technology product offering: LCD, TFT, E-paper

I chose SES for its dynamic, very-high-resolution, 120 dpi labels

SES Solution

SES RadioForce X4: the data transmission technology used by SES is the most reliable that exists right now, thanks to its very-low-frequency communication protocol (36 kHz):

  • A solution that has been very widely adopted by independent retailers due to its everyday simplicity and reliability
  • Travels through any obstacle, even concrete
  • No shadow areas - No reflection off gondola shelving, POP advertising, etc.
  • No interference with other Wifi networks
  • No ceiling-mounted active elements, therefore fewer breakdowns
  • Control and prevention instruments
  • Very low consumption

A solution that has been very widely adopted by independent retailers due to its everyday simplicity and reliability

Product exclusivity
  • Highly reliable
  • No interference
  • High bandwidth (150.000 messages/h)
  • Ultra-Low Power

I had my first SES system installed 6 years ago, and have opted for them again because of the peace of mind they afford.

SES Solution
  • 10 sizes and 3 types of display
  • Screen printing that can be customized with your brand's colors
  • Made-to-measure rails suitable for all types of gondola shelving
  • Decorative colour strips
  • Extensive range of POP advertising

Product exclusivity

Made-to-measure offering

SES has adjusted to our store design and to our brand policy.

SES Solution

The Easlylock mounting system developed and patented by SES is one of the company's key assets:

  • The breakage and theft rate is 10 times lower than that of competing solutions
  • More efficient sales shelf management and stricter compliance with planograms

Product exclusivity

SES Easylock : Maximum protection against breakage and theft

SES Easylock is by far the best mounting system in the market

SES Solution competitivness SES Solution

Thanks to its production volumes, industrial know-how and low-cost management processes, SES is able to offer its customers the most competitive prices in the market. For example:

  • G-Tag: the only full-graphic label for < €0.25 per Kpixel (*)
  • Minimum maintenance costs: Simple and reliable infrastructure, low power consumption, very few active elements, real durability, anti-theft mounting system, etc. The SES solution offers the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in the market.
  • Financial options: SES gives customers a choice between purchasing or full-service rental

Product exclusivity
  • G-tag: 1st full-graphic label for less than €0.25 per Kpixel
  • Full-service rental package
  • Buy-back of labels & continuous upgrading

When you take all the costs into consideration, SES offers the best value for money

SES Solution

A sound, well-established and innovative company

SES is a profitable company with a sound financial base and no debts. SES will always be there for you.

SES invests a large proportion of its profits in Research & Development. 25% of the company's employees are R&D engineers working within SES's various laboratories (Radio Lab, Display Lab, Software Lab)

In 2012, SES launched many new products: S-Tag+, G-Tag, G-Tag+, NFC-Tag, Radio Force X4

Product exclusivity
  • «Triple A» rating
  • No debts
  • 2012 Equipmag innovation award for the NFC-tag (rated gold for Shopper Experience)

Since 2011, SES has launched more new products than any other company in the sector.


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