Multifrequency Radio

Radio communication is the backbone of our electronic labeling system.

Store Electronic Systems uses a multifrequency radio technology developed by the SES Radio Lab, which is the only technology to provide all of these features while keeping operating costs to a minimum. 



A large number of advantages

The system's reliability is not affected by the layout of the store

  • No shadow areas (where there is no signal)
  • No reflection off obstacles such as metal shelving or POP advertising, which interferes with the signal (a phenomenon that is observed in all other frequency bands)
  • No interference with the other WiFi or high-frequency networks used in stores

Very low power consumption

  • Transmission protocols make very little demand on the label, which consumes only 0.3 mA and is therefore guaranteed to have a long service life.

High performance

  • 10 times faster data transfer speed
  • Optimization of QPSK modulation frequency and techniques 
  • Performance: 150,000 messages/hour; 30,000 prices updated/hour

Very low maintenance costs

  • Very few active elements => minimal risk of breakdown
  • Equipment installed at  chest height => easy to maintain (no ladders or cherry pickers needed; maintenance tasks can be carried out during opening hours) 
  • The infrastructure does not need to be updated if the store is changed or remodeled. 

Case studies

Case studies

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