Mountings & POP items

Easylock: the most effective mounting system in the market

Developed by SES, the Easylock system effectively prevents labels from falling off, breaking, being stolen or moved. As a result, the store's investment is protected and the planogram is adhered to.

SES magnetic tool

  • Labels are quickly and firmly secured
  • Merchandising plans are complied with 
  • Any breakages are clearly visible
  • There is significantly less breakage, loss and theft of labels


Guarantees savings of 2.5% to 4% of labels every year


  • Mounting rails that hold several labels


    • Robust and protective
    • Adjustable
    • Available in several colors
    • Fully compatible with the Easylock system (SES patent)
  • Mounting systems for individual labels


    • Peg hooks with self-adjusting angle of inclination
    • Soloclip / Solocam / Solostick
  • A large range of accessories POP items


    • Shelf-talkers
    • Silkscreen printing to customize labels
    • Colored datastrips to highlight different sections

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Case studies

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