Operational excellence

A powerful management tool that enhances in-store efficiency:

Thanks to their large display capacity, the new S-tag+ and G-tag+ labels are able to provide store personnel with a broad range of management data:

digital price tag electronic shelf label in-store marketing data retail

  • Inventory
  • Order days
  • Facings

The operational management data displayed at the shelf edge provides retailers with direct information on inventory levels, restocking rates, minimum orders, facings... through the display of information dedicated to the operational management of the sales area.


A large number of benefits

The advantages in terms of operational efficiency are numerous:

  • Better control of merchandising
  • Optimization of product availability and fewer supply disruptions
  • Lower inventory levels and less breakage / waste
  • Shelf management
Going further than price agility

Besides ensuring price flexibility, individual item pricing contributes to operational excellence and productivity

Discover the possibilities of displaying data management S-tag+ : concentrated management for your sales outlets. 

Data management book

More than just a productivity tool, it is a real performance booster. SES customer

Case studies

Case studies

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