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2012 saw the global launch of SES's NFC-tag, the first ever electronic shelf label to communicate directly with shoppers' smartphones. 

Connected Stores by SES

The NFC-tag is a major breakthrough, which has revolutionized the role of electronic shelf labeling; it provides a new interactive medium capable of delivering an endless array of new services to the consumer:

  • A greater wealth of product information
  • Advice, recipes, etc.;
  • Health warnings / ingredients / allergens
  • Offres et promotions personnalisées
  • Customized special offers and promotions
  • Shopping list
  • Spending control
  • Self-scanning via a smartphone


Creation of an in-store media at shelves

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless communication protocol that allows the transfer of data over very short distances. In practice, all shoppers have to do is place their mobile telephone within a few centimeters of the NFC chip to obtain additional information on the product

The NFC-tag received two innovation awards in 2012:

  • the Gold award in the Shopper Experience category at Equipmag in September, the leading French retail trade show
  • the 1st prize for 'Store Equipment' during the 33rd LSA Innovation Awards in December

Precision marketing NFC electronic shelf label digital price tags

The "accurate marketing" features a trade that takes into account the diversity of consumer expectations and generalized strategies of segmentation / differentiation.

With SES NFC electronic shelf labels, the service provided to the customer by the store is customizable because its profile is recognized. Thus identified, the client can be guided and supported in their purchases.

The whole chain connected: brands, retailers, and consumers
social marketing retargeting operating excellence electronic shelf label digital price tag
  • Connected to customers
  • Reinforced engagement / collaboration
  • Social marketing
  • Loyalty
  • Real-time price changes
  • Space management
  • Operating excellence
  • Stock management
  • Accurate marketing
  • Efficient competitivity
  • Accurate prices
  • Rich information
  • New services
  • Targeted opportunities and promotions

The integration of Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology into electronic shelf labels is playing a crucial role in the advent of precision marketing and opening up an endless vista of new services. E-commerce and stores will now be linked together by an unbroken digital chain. Thanks to SES's NFC-tag, the whole chain – from the brand to the retailer to the consumer - will be connected in store.

Thierry Gadou, Chief Executive Officer SES

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