Who are we ?

For 20 years, Store Electronic Systems has been a pioneer of electronic shelf labeling for the retail sector. To date, its products and systems have been installed more than 9,000 stores in 54 countries.

SES has developed specific solutions for every type of retail environment, including hypermarkets, supermarkets, DIY stores, electronics stores, garden centers, pharmacies and service stations. 

For 20 years, we have contributed to the growth of our traditional clients (Leclerc, Intermarché, Système U, Auchan, Monoprix, Carrefour, etc.) and of many overseas brands (Dansk, Fairprice, Muticedi, Spar, PAM, etc.).




Who are we ?


20 years of leadership and innovation 

ESL Store Electronic Systems history 100 million electronic shelf labels



Store Electronic Systems

SES was set up


First hypermarket with 100% digital price display system


1 million ESLs installed


1st international contract


SES present in 10 countries


SES listed on the Paris stock exchange


SES set up business in Asia and Latin America


SES launched the G-tag and S-tag+ label ranges


20 years of Store Electronic Systems

1st contract in North America

SES present in 47 countries

New products : G-tag+, NFC-tag, Jeegy 2.0

Number of stores

1300 stores equipped store electronic systems electronic shelf label digital price tag

Originally a French company, SES has built a global presence through its own subsidiaries and representations (Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Canada, Mexico, Singapore) and more than 60 international partners.

N ° 1 worldwide in the industry, Store Electronic Systems is distinguished by its exceptional references for large-scale deployment. SES is for example the only player in the world with more than 1,000 stores within the same brand (Intermarché 23rd worldwide distributor). Similarly, SES equipped over 400 Carrefour hypermarkets and supermarkets in the world, more than 400 U system, more than 300 Leclerc, and many other brands with over 100 stores installed. 

We owe these exceptionally large-scale deployments to two key strengths :
100 customers
  • Firstly, SES's technological solution is known for its reliability, and the associated running and maintenance costs are the lowest in the sector. This reliability explains the unrivaled success of SES with independent retailers (who have fewer support structures and do not tolerate operating problems).  
  • SES delivers a comprehensive solution (electronic labels, mounting systems, transmission, software and interfaces, training and support), which is designed right down to the very last detail for your business and provides practical solutions to the operational problems you encounter both in your stores and your trading groups.
  • The largest investments in the industry in Research and Innovation. SES is the first multi-technology player (LCD / TFT / E-paper) to have a 120 Dpi HD ultra high resolution range with dynamic display and a communicating NFC-tag.
  • Lastly, SES is a healthy and well-established company with substantial capital and no debt. It invests significantly in research and innovation annually.
What makes SES different?
  • An extremely reliable solution
  • The best value for money in the market
  • The reassurance that comes with choosing the world's number 1, which has installed more than 9,000 stores in 54 countries



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