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Making price labelling reliable & improving customer service    

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1. The Customer

Tout faire materiaux diy construction digital price tag electronic shelf label

  • Countries: France and Belgium • Business: Construction materials wholesale
  • Number of stores: 480, all franchised • Average sales floor area: 380 sqm
  • Number of ESLs per store: 3,500
  • Departments equipped: self-service 


2. Context

Having transferred and extended his store, the TOUT FAIRE MATERIAUX franchisee in Bréchaumont (Alsace) wished to dedicate half of its sales area to self-service. He was looking to modernize his retail outlet, eliminate pricing errors and free up staff time in order to improve advice to customers. 


3. Specific Requirements

Mr. Iffenecker, the franchisee, was determined to end problems related to manual price labelling. The number of price errors discredited staff in the eyes of demanding customers, not to mention the fines resulting from administrative price inspections. 


Price accuracy has created a relationship of trust with our customers. At last we are doing our job! The system enables us to devote ourselves entirely to sales and advice. M. Iffenecker, TOUT FAIRE MATERIAUX franchisee.

diy wholesale electronic shelf label digital price tag 

4. Why SES?

Given the amount of the initial investment, Mr. Iffenecker attached a great deal of importance to the tamperproof features of the labels. He was therefore particularly interested in the fixing and protection system offered by SES and he personally validated a 37 months payback for 3,500 ESLs over a 300 sqm area. 


5. Outcome

Price errors have disappeared and pricing policy is now applied in a timely fashion. The time saved has been reinvested in providing customer advice and support. Other unexpected advantages have also improved life on a day-to-day basis, such as easier- to-follow planograms and better inventory management due to daily updating on the labels 


6. Outlook

Since the Bréchaumont store was equipped, a dozen other TOUT FAIRE MATERIAUX have adopted SES electronic labelling for their self- service departments. In spite of a fairly small size, other stores may well follow due to li- mited staff and the need to offer customer service. 

diy tools store marketing electronic shelf label digital price tag

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