Jeegy 2.0

Price management software. Integrated into and synchronized with the store's back-office system, Jeegy 2.0 manages and automates the price change process.


Modular architecture

The applications are designed in a modular fashion.

They are independent. You can choose which ones you need.

New modules and applications are being developed all the time.


A single platform

For managing different modules and applications

Accessible via an Internet browser on a computer, tablet or mobile phone




  • Interfaces seamlessly with all the back-office systems and cash registers in the market.
  • Technologically sustainable (JAVA)
  • Upgradeable and intuitive software (modular, open)
  • Available in 5 languages
  • Easy maintenance

Jeegy 2.0 consists of several independent modules containing various applications that can be enabled or disabled according to the store's requirements.

  • Jeegy Pricing


    Competitivity / Accurate price

    • Automated price management
    • Back-office management
    • Label management
    • Management of peripherals (printers, hand-held terminals, transmitters)
    • Initialization (via radio transmission or the label code)
    • Management of price change history per item
    • Verification that the ESLs are receiving data correctly
    • Battery check
    • Local and remote data storage (internal or external FTP, network storage disk, etc.)
  • Jeegy Store Management


    Operating excellence

    • Automation of management data transfers
  • Jeegy Planogram Manager


    Better merchandising

    • Initialization from the office in industrial mode (Bundler)
  • Jeegy Mobile


    Maximum productivity

    • Statistical management of labels
    • Management chart per price, product, product family, customer, supplier, delivery time, etc.
  • Jeegy Supervision


    Maximum productivity

    • Multi-store supervision (latest updates, price files received, data sent) (MxS)
  • Jeegy Promotion


    Animated merchandising

    • Activation of the animation function on the G-tag+ label
  • Jeegy NFC Shopping


    Accurate marketing

    • Management of product sheets (extended packaging)
    • Management of customer profiles
    • Management of warnings (allergies)

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