SES will equip 6 new Leclerc hypermarkets with its NFC labels

Paris, le 20 décembre 2012 – Store Electronic Systems will equip 6 new Leclerc hypermarkets with its NFC labels


Store Electronic Systems (SES), world leader in electronic shelf labeling systems for the largescale retail sector, announced today that it will soon equip six new Leclerc hypermarkets with its NFC-tag system, an electronic label providing contactless communication with the consumer's smartphone.

This announcement comes only weeks after the E.Leclerc Levallois So Ouest Centre opened to the public; this is the first hypermarket in the world to be fully equipped with this revolutionary new technology, with 47,000 SES NFC-tag electronic labels.

A French innovation that won several awards in 2012

Developed and patented by Store Electronic Systems, a French company based at Argenteuil, the NFC-tag is an electronic shelf label with a high definition graphic screen (127 dpi), with a dynamic display and high-speed radio transmission (RFX4). This label is fitted with a built-in NFC chip to provide contactless communication with the consumer's smartphone, making it possible to access a mass of information about products on the shelf through a cell phone: detailed information about the composition, origin and manufacturing of products, warnings about possible allergens, building up the shopping basket and tracking cost in real time.

This innovation first won an award in September 2012 at the leading French retail trade show, Equipmag, receiving the Gold award in the Shopper Experience category. Then, during the 33rd LSA Innovation Awards in December 2012, it won the 1st prize for 'Store Equipment'. These two awards mark the interest and recognition shown by retail professionals in this innovative shelfbased interactive medium.

« With the NFC-tag, the electronic label, which is already a tool for productivity and flexibility, also becomes a communication and marketing tool closer to the point of purchase. It's just like there was a salesperson next to each product to inform and advise them. We are only at the beginning of the uses and applications, but they will develop rapidly », says Thierry Gadou, President of Store Electronic Systems.

Rapid take up of an innovation

Store Electronic Systems is listed on Compartment C of Euronext™ Paris.

Mnemonic: SESL ISIN codes: FR0010282822 - Reuters: SESL.PA - Bloomberg: SESL.FP


Store Electronic Systems


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