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The SES solution: technologies designed by retail specialists

From the outset, Store Electronic Systems had strong ties with the retail sector. Its inside knowledge of the retail environment and of the practical problems faced by stores in terms of making their customers happy and optimizing their operating procedures, set it apart from its competitors.  




The SES solution, a complete solution

This explains why SES delivers a comprehensive solution (electronic labels, mounting systems, transmission, software and interfaces, training and support), which is designed right down to the very last detail for your business and provides practical solutions to the operational problems you encounter both in your stores and your trading group.

How it works

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Operating principle

Thousands of labels held firmly in position by a unique mounting system, and updated remotely using very-low-frequency radio wave transmission technology - the most reliable of its kind today – and a PC connected to the store's back-office system. Instantaneous, automated and error-free price and management data updates, which do not require staff intervention and are perfectly synchronized with the prices scanned at the cash register.  

A quality and proximity service

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Store Electronic Systems provides full-service installation, maintenance and telephone support for customers.

  • Hot-line
  • Formation
  • Installations
  • Maintenance
  • Location

How is SES different ?

  • An extremely reliable solution
  • The best value for money in the market
  • The reassurance that comes with choosing the world's number 1, which has installed more than 7,000 stores in 52 countries

Case studies

Case studies

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