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A solution adapted for selling vehicle accessories

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1. Customer

Auto parts store digital price tag electronic shelf label ESL retail

  • Country: France and Portugal
  • Specialist in vehicle equipment, servicing and repair
  • 157 points of sale, including 125 in France
  • 5,000 vehicles per workshop per year


2. Context

Philippe Leblond, who runs the Roady center in Lannion (22), receives more than 10 promotional catalogs from the Mousquetaires group every year, requiring large-scale price changes on a regular basis. The paper labeling system could no longer cope with these frequent price updates.


3. Specific needs

By adopting electronic labeling, Philippe Leblond hoped to:

  • Better manage the products on the shelves:each product must be clearly labeled.
  • Free staff to concentrate on more rewarding tasks.
  • Eliminate the pricing errors associated with the use of paper labels and causing losses of around 5 Euros per day.
electronic shelf label case study store auto parts retail digital price tag digital price tag auto parts store retail marketing electronic shelf labeling ESL

The SES installation teams worked quickly and efficiently, and did not require any supervision. Our staff immediately liked the solution and very quickly learned how it works.Philippe LEBLOND, Roady center manager, Lannion (22)


4. Why SES?

The management of the Roady center in Lannion appreciated the clarity of the information provided by the sales and technical teams at SES. The installation teams worked quickly and efficiently, and did not require any supervision. SES was selected as the ideal supplier for helping Roady staff to understand and adopt the solution.


5. Outcome

  • The time we have saved thanks to electronic labeling has been reinvested in providing customer advice.
  • We now have less than two pricing errors per month.
  • The labels fixed firmly beneath each product ensure more efficient management of facings; staff benefit from better inventory visibility, which facilitates order management.


Thanks to the SES system, we estimate that we are saving one month of full-time work per year for one of our employees. This means that we have more time for customer service and advice.Philippe LEBLOND, Roady center manager, Lannion (22)

Today, everyone at the Roady center in Lannion recognizes that the electronic labeling system does much more than update prices. It is a veritable management tool, which ensures compliance with planograms and improves inventory visibility while simplifying order management processes.


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