Des partenaires à forte valeur ajoutée

We look for partners who offer real added value, and who have a strong foothold in their local markets and a firm focus on customer service. Our partners represent us on the international stage. They must be competent and they must share our values in terms of customer proximity, service quality and innovation.


International presence

Today, we work closely with more than 70 partners in 50+ countries. We are committed to them for the long term and this is clearly reflected in our "Synergy" program, which consists of marketing materials, sales and technical training courses and collaborative platforms designed to develop winning synergies.

World Store Electronic Systems ESL partners
Our partners

Our partners include the following:

  • Suppliers of terminals for stores
  • Suppliers of security systems
  • Suppliers of equipment and technologies for the retail sector
  • Gondola shelving manufacturers
  • Weighing scales manufacturers
  • Software integrators and developers
The SES international network

An international presence with a partners' network

SES is present across 50+ countries: Europe, Asia, American continent. Our international development is based on distribution agreements with favored partners across all the continents. 

Synergy helps our partners to "go that extra mile" for retail managers, and enables them to sell our turnkey solutions both confidently and safely. Claudio Palmolungo, Sr Executive VP / Head of International

Case studies

Case studies

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