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Saving time and money with electronic price labeling    

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1. The Customer

Panorama store grocery retail food digital price tag electronic shelf label

  • Country: Italy
  • Business: Grocery retail
  • Number of stores: 23, all fully owned • Average sales floor area: 9,000 sqm • Number of ESLs per store: 15,000
  • Departments equipped: packaged & industrial refrigerated goods 


2. Context

The PAM group is one of Italy’s leading grocery retailers, operating hypermarkets under the PANORAMA name in both the North and Centre of the country. PANORAMA was looking to reduce the operational cost of changing prices in stores. Following 2 pilot stores equipped by SES in 2008, the Group decided to roll out the solution in all its stores over an 18-month period starting the following year. 


3. Specific Requirements

PANORAMA insisted on the need for a solution that would prove easy to use by store staff, in order to avoid the risk of replacing certain tasks by others generated by daily use of the solu- tion. The system also had to guarantee tamperproof labelling. 


We have become more responsive to competition and have made real labour savings in price management. The ease-of-use of the SES solution on a daily basis has enabled us to rapidly reach both these targets. Stefano Marotta, head of IS implementation at the PAM group

grocery retail digital price tag electronic shelf label case study 

4. Why SES?

The pilot tests clearly demonstrated the compelling ROI, together with the fact that it is an intuitive, easy-to-use solution. The label initialization procedure, in particular, quickly found its place within the existing store procedures. 


5. Implementation

Rollout was entirely managed by SES staff in Italy, and covered project management as well as installation operations and training of store staff. 


6. Outcome

Installation of the SES solution has enabled PANORAMA to reduce its operating costs without losing any of its promotional intensity. Working hours dedicated to price changes in stores have been reduced on a visible and sustainable basis. These tasks have not been replaced by new ones, such as managing error listings, and the PANORAMA staff have naturally and very rapidly adjusted to the labelling solution. The ESLs have not only been easily integrated into existing processes, they have also helped simplify some of these; the ongoing management of planograms, for example, was greatly enhanced due to the patented Easylock fixing system. 


7. Outlook

Following this successful rollout, PANORAMA is looking at the opportunity to extend elec- tronic labelling to new consumer product departments, as well as equipping the fruit & vegetable area of its stores. 

perishables food retail electronic shelf label digital price tag

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