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Reponsiveness to competition and sales strategy

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1. Le Site

DIY store retail electronic shelf label digital price tag ROI case study

  • Location: St Gilles Croix de Vie, France
  • Business: French DIY store
  • Sales area: 6,000 m2
  • Number of ESLs in the store: 25,000 


2. Context

The management of the Mr. Bricolage store in St Gilles Croix de Vie had been considering ESL technology for a while, and took advantage of the opportunity presented by the relocation of the store to study the solutions available and to make their choice. They opted for SES solution because of the user-friendly aspect. 


DIY electronic shelf label digital price tag case study cost outcome


3. Outcome

The store’s two objectives in terms of pricing policy - responsiveness to competition and sales strategy - have been met. In addition, a 5-year return on investment was anticipated originally, based exclusively on the time saved on changing paper labels. As it turns out, the store has also seen a rise in its profits and has thus achieved a 2-year return on investment.

As the solution is so user-friendly, store staff has easily taken it into their stride. In fact, the system is intuitive, which has reassured staff and enabled them to focus very quickly and completely on customer service. 


4. Outlook

We now plan to roll out the solution to the store in l'Ile d'Yeu (85) in France, and the corresponding study is underway. 

We monitor our competitors’ prices and, thanks to our electronic labels, we are able to implement an appropriate sales strategy at all times David Gazeau, manager of Mr. Bricolage, St Gilles Croix De Vie (85), France

DIY digital price tag electronic shelf label case study in-store


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