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The graphical label: when linear management meets efficient business

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1. The Customer

Intermarché logo supermarket retail digital price tag electronic shelf label case study

  • Country: France, Portugal, Belgium and Poland
  • Business: Supermarkets on a human scale, selling a full range of convenience goods and specialized in fresh produce
  • Number of stores: 1,300
  • Average sales area: 4,200 m2 (hypermar- kets), 2,000 to 2,500 m2 (supermarkets), 1,000 m2 (mini-markets) 


2. Context

The Mousquetaires retail group has been working with SES for 16 years now, ever since the first electronic labels were installed in the Intermarché supermarket chain back in 1996. Until now, the SES solution has been installed in over 1,200 Intermarché outlets in France, Belgium and Portugal.

On April 24th 2012, a new Intermarché hypermarket opened in Rambouillet, France. Its manager, Laurent Gherardi, opted for the SES solution having witnessed its effectiveness in the Intermarché store he previously worked in. All of the labels installed are part of the graphic labels range: G-tag, which allows the display of logos and barcodes. 


3. Needs

Laurent Gherardi’s primary goal was to ensure simplicity and comfort for his customers. His store offers a full range of food and non-food products, including technical and electrical goods and clothing. In each of the different departments, customer satisfaction comes from perfectly readable price labels and the certainty that the prices scanned at the checkout match those displayed at the shelf edge. Besides ensuring customer satisfaction, Laurent Gherardi aimed to optimize the organization of work in the store. 

SES graphic labels fit in well with the contemporary image that we are trying to create in store and the staff is very happy with the paper-free system. Laurent Gherardi, manager, Intermarché Hyper, Rambouillet

food perishables electronic shelf label digital price tag SES case study ROI 

4. Why SES ?

The store’s managers were won over by the outstanding readability of the labels, the possibility of customizing the displays and the contemporary image conveyed by the G-tag range. Another decisive factor was the time saved compared with paper-based systems. Staff no longer have to print out product name stickers. The size of the LCD display is optimized and designed to hold all the information needed for the day-to-day management of the store. Aware of the broad range of advantages offered by the graphic labels range, Laurent Gherardi decided to install G-tag 6 labels across the store. He opted for G-tag 18 labels for the fruit and vegetables aisle, as they are very effective for managing perishable goods.  


5. Outcome

The objectives initially set by the manager of the Intermarché hypermarket in Rambouillet have been achieved. The customers of this new store say they are satisfied with the maximized price display. The in-store staff adjusted very quickly to the new technology, and the time spent on initializing and managing labels is minimal. 

supermarket retail digital price tag electronic shelf label


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