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Electronic labeling: a role to play in loyalty programs 

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1. The Customer

DIY retail electronic shelf label digital price tag store case study

  • country : France and belgium
  • business : 1st group of independent retai- lers in building materials and DIy
  • Turnover : 1.5 billion euros exc. taxes
  • number of stores : 422
  • number of employees : 6,000
  • number of references : 50,000
  • clients : 60 % trade customers and 40 % general public 


2. Context

Each GEDIMAT outlet offers concrete solutions for the building industry and meets both business and individual needs. Materials, carpentry, Tiles, sanitary, Exterior materials, DIy: GEDIMAT offers one of the largest product lines in its market. selected according to strict criteria such as quality, image and reputation of selected suppliers, the 50,000 references that constitute the GEDIMAT offer meet all consumer needs. 


3. Requirements

Trading point of sales now develop self- service shelves. The Gedimat store of st. Quentin (02, France) has an area of 3,000 m2 of which almost 2,500 m2 dedicated to the self service area and 10,000 m2 for materials. The many references in the self-service area leaded to significant pricing errors that were resulting in 15 to 20 complaints per day in cash registers.

For their customers, of which 60% professionals, pricing disputes are not acceptable and create a lack of trust. Time spent in paper labeling or in conflict resolution is wasted time for client advising, a key element in this industry. The transition to electronic labeling was identified as the ideal solution. 


Correct prices create a trusting relationship with our customers. nobody is complaining, but mostly I am sure I scored points for brand loyalty. M. Boutantin, self-service sales, IT and security manager at Gédimat st. Quentin (02, France)

DIY tools wholesale digital price tag electronic shelf label ESL 

4. Why SES?

The choice towards sEs came thanks to the expertise and reliability of their interlocutors, through their industry knowledge and professionalism during the installation phase. Moreover, the total reliability of the system and the anti-theft fasteners convinced Gedimat, who saw in sEs solution a way to win back its customers. 


5. Outcome

by equipping sEs system, the st. Quentin store has achieved its objectives: to completely remove pricing errors while freeing time for customer advice. These two factors combined are a great help to improve both professional and private customer loyalty. system quality and reliability have helped to relieve the store teams, who admit never wanting to return back on paper labels. 

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