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Electronic pricing items enhances in-store efficiency.

In addition, it reduces:

  • labour costs generated by the daily implementation of the pricing policy; 
  • wastage, through the dynamic management of products with a sell-by date (stock level alerts, shelf capacity, etc.).


How SES responds to your problems
SES Solution Automated, real-time price updates

Results observed Optimized price policy

Profit margins maintained
SES Solution Management data on each individual item is available at the shelf edge (stock level alerts, use-by dates, shelf capacity, etc.)

Results observed Less wastage thanks to the dynamic management of products with a sell-buy date

Easier and optimized store management processes

Increased responsiveness
SES Solution Intuitive system that does not require dedicated resources

Results observed Reduction in the labour costs generated by the daily implementaiton of the pricing policy (management of selling prices)

Staff more available for customers
SES Solution Automated, real-time management of prices, promotions and special offers

Results observed Price integrity
  • fewer fines
  • higher level of customer satisfaction
SES Solution Customizable labels and shelves (retailer's own brand, low prices, special offers, etc.)

Results observed Clearer visual segmentation of sales shelves


Fruit & vegetablesDiscover how SES electronic labels optimize the fruits and vegetables aisles

Graphic electronic labeling, a solution particularly suited to the fruits and vegetables aisle

  • Fully automated data display.
  • Simplified management of a complex, very labour-intensive aisle.

Fruits and Vegetables

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