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Customizing electronic price labeling and minimizing the cost of ownership

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1. Client Profile

  • Grocery retail food case study electronic shelf label digital price tagCountry: Denmark
  • Business: Grocery retail
  • Number of stores: 17 integrated
  • Average sales floor area: 7,500 sqm
  • Number of ESLs per store: > 30,000
  • Departments equipped: packaged & industrial refrigerated goods 


2. Context

Dansk Supermarked group operates a total of 1,345 stores in 4 countries, including 17 hyper- markets in Denmark under Bilka name. After as- sessing and comparing several competitive systems, in 2010 the Group decided to roll out the SES solution in 85 føtex supermarkets; the deci- sion to equip Bilka hypermarkets was taken the following year. 

The flexibility of the SES solution has allowed us to extend it easily to all our stores. Jacob Krogh Andersen, Bilka Project Leader

food perishables digital price tag retail electronic shelf labeling case study ROI   

3. Specific Requirements

To match the Group’s requirements and particularly those of the hypermarket chain, the selected solution needed to handle a high volume of transmissions, due to the management data displayed on the labels. The LCD screen needed to display 5 different areas in order to optimize promotional offers, and the mounting system had to be compatible with very different types of furniture and shelves. The entire system, fully customized, needed to remain within a very competitive cost of ownership. 


4. Why SES ? 

The SES system demonstrated its reliability and simplicity of use on a daily basis. It was also able to accommodate various customization requests from føtex and Bilka stores. Finally, the solution came with a particularly low cost of ownership.  



5. Implementation

The roll out program was managed by Wincor Nixdorf teams in Denmark, an SES preferred partner. The installed solution enabled Bilka hypermarkets to combine segment and graphic display technologies on a common infrastructure, within the same store. 

The Group was looking for upgradeable technology and also for a solution to minimize the cost of ownership. Ole Konnerup, Managing Director of Wincor Nixdorf Denmark


 Food retailing supermarket digital price tag electronic shelf label ESL SES

6. Outcome

Electronic labeling enabled the Bilka network to be far more reactive in its price changes. It was able to implement a fully customized system, with a compelling ROI, due to its reduced cost of ownership. 



7. Outlook

Bilka could decide to add graphic labels to the equipment in its stores. The Group may also consider the opportunity for electronic labeling in other countries. 

in-store marketing electronic shelf label digital price tag

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