Price agility

Electronic shelf labeling: a strategic weapon in price positioning and profit optimization

Many factors play a role in the growing frequency of price changes in the retail sector 

frequency price change

Price change factors

  • Competitivity on price
  • Increasing inflation 
  • E-commerce synchronization
  • Volatility of raw materials and product costs

Price change consequences

  • Increasing labor costs
  • Multiplication of errors and penalties
  • Margin loss: sales agreement, price not updated at the end of promotion, etc. 

There is a solution to these problems: electronic shelf labeling, for which there has been a surge in global demand in the last years. 

SES installations
Store Electronic Systems SES stores equipped electronic shelf labels digital price tags

This rapid growth can be explained by the many advantages of electronic shelf labeling:

  • Price flexibility and competitiveness: increased flexibility and responsiveness
  • Elimination of manual errors
  • Lower labour and paper costs
  • Optimization of profits

A fast ROI and substantial savings equaling around 0.5 to 1% of sales

ESL digital price tag electronic shelf label ROI margin costs electronic shelf label SES


The SES electronic labeling solution has clearly demonstrated its reliability, ease-of-use and efficiency on a daily basis to boost our sales policy. Patrick ANDRE, Head of the electronic labeling project, Monoprix

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Case studies

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