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The SES solution: a strategic asset for the all-inclusive management of the Comercial Control group's sales policy

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1. The client

retail department store digital price tag electronic shelf label case study

  • Country: Mexico
  • Business: Department stores
  • Brands: 31 Woolworth and 44 Del Sol
  • Average sales area: 3,000 m2
  • Labels per store: 5,000 S-tag 6 and 3,000 S-tag 4


2. Context

Having carried out a study of its procedures, the Comercial Control Group observed that:

  • The time allocated to updating prices was equivalent to 1 or 2 full-time employees per store, depending on the season
  • There were discrepancies between the prices displayed at the shelf edge and those registered in the point-of-sale system
  • These errors were undermining customer confidence, one of the core elements of the Group’s sales strategy

To solve these problems, the Group decided to equip its stores with electronic labels. It selected Store Electronic Systems exclusively to carry out the work.



3. Why SES ?

Of the three suppliers competing for the contract, the Comercial Control Group selected Store Electronic Systems exclusively to equip all of its Woolworths and Del Sol stores for several reasons:

  • SES provides a comprehensive solution including infrastructure, software, labels, services and accessories that can be adapted for all types of store fi xtures
  • Added value in the form of training for in-store staff, ensuring optimal use of the product
  • A comprehensive solution and competitive prices

Initially, we decided that only a few departments would be equipped with electronic labels but, when we saw the operating benefi ts achieved, we opted to use them in all our departments.Raúl Rodriguez, Director of Operations at the Comercial Control Group

department store retail electronic shelf label digital price tag case study mexico

4. Expectations

The Comercial Control Group’s sales strategy puts the priority on customer convenience, which means that all effort is made to provide the best service. So the purpose in installing an electronic labeling system was to:


  • Reinforce the company’s “Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction” program
  • Increase productivity in order to be able to concentrate more on customer service
  • Increase customer confi dence by eliminating pricing errors



Electronic labels enable us to respond quickly to our competitors’ price strategies and to maintain our low price policy for our customers.Antonio Antunez, Assistant Director of Operations at the Comercial Control Group

5. Results

  • Greater price flexibility: the time spent on updating prices has dropped from two to four hours a day to just a few minutes
  • Elimination of price discrepancies between the shelf edge and the POS
  • Reduction in the number of customer complaints: fewer goods returned and fewer cancellations at the checkout
  • Management data is displayed at the shelf edge (restocking, planograms, inventories, back orders, etc.) in order to speed up decision making.

In view of the results achieved, the Comercial Control Group plans to continue installing electronic labels in future stores and to reinforce its relationship with Store Electronic Systems.


retail in-store marketing retargeting electronic shelf label digital price ROI case study

The SES solution has made our instore staff more effi cient, as they are now able to view management data directly on the shop floor and to make the right decisions on the spot. In addition, we can be sure that all of our stores across the country are implementing the same price policy and, thanks to the rise in productivity that we have achieved, we are able to devote more time to helping our customers.Rodolfo Rodriguez, In-store IT Support Manager



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